Helsinki Region Transport System Plan - HLJ 2015

The Helsinki region, covering nearly 1.5 million people and 14 municipalities, is the largest region of mobility in Finland. The Helsinki Region Transport System Plan  (HLJ2015) has been developed together with municipalities, the public transport sector and other stakeholders as citizens and interest groups. The HLJ 2015 Framework Program, based on the earlier version of the plan, HLJ2011, sets out the framework and priorities for more detailed planning and preparation of the next Helsinki Region Transport Plan. The project ranging over the next years consists of forecasts, starting point and background research and preparation of the plan in such a way that a transport system decision can be made. The HLJ 2015 plan defines the transport system development needs, goals and development strategy in the region, as well as identifies, assesses and prioritizes the most important development measures. The following priorities have been identified for HLJ 2015 on the basis of the HLJ 2011 evaluations, Report on Transport Policy and other starting points:

1. Strengthening the strategic capacity and effectiveness;
2. Reducing mileage, and integrating transport and land use;
3. Clarifying transport policy choices and the roles of different modes of transport;

The themes for the plan are strategic capacity, effectiveness and available resources. The aim is to better concretize what should be done to develop the transport system taking into account the needs, goals and available resources -how to get "more with less".
HLJ2015 is closely linked to the Helsinki Region Land Use, Housing and Transport cooperation (MAL) and regional land use planning.

Photo copyrights: HSL/Lauri Eriksson